Learn the Secret to Erasing Your Stress – In Just 12 Days
Yes, you can live without the strain of stress, and in this video I’m going to reveal the secret.
If you learn the key's to F.L.O.W. you will have powerful daily motivation, have a sense of perfect timing and exactly the steps to take to get what you desire.
The Re-Creating You Game is for you if:
  •   You’re exhausted all the time
  •   You’re so busy but feel like you can never get everything done, and never will
  •   You go back and forth without being able to decide 
  •  You wake up at 3 am in a panic about your life or worried about your finances
  •   You’re bickering with your spouse 
  •  Your inner stress monster is destroying your relationship with your kids
  •   You’re just not the “you” that you want to be
Why is The Re-Creating You Game so important?
"Every one of us has an internal guidance ... and when you follow that, you will be led to the highest good for you. Always!" – Oprah on ABC News
How will The Re-Creating You Game change your life?
Playing The Re-Creating You Game will teach you a special skill that can transform your life:
  • Be clear-headed and stay focused on what’s important
  •  Feel confident about your personal and professional decisions
  •  Enjoy building your dreams knowing every day you are getting to where you need to be
  •  Experience deeper levels of intimacy and play in your relationships
  •  Feel sexier, healthier and more at home in your own body
  •  Be confident that everything is getting done and that your life is 100% on track
  •  Know how to cultivate Divine Timing and create what seem like miracles others
  •  Every moment know what you need to be doing and how it needs to be done
How does The Re-Creating You Game work?
I've participated in games and challenges where there's so much to do each day that by day four I’m lost. 

The Re-Creating You Game is not like that. It's simple, it's fun, and it's effective. It takes place inside a private forum where every morning you’ll get a short video that teaches you about your own personal guidance
system that is tuned into your personal success blueprint. You'll get a simple exercise for that day that will make a massive change in how you "do" life. 

Over the course of 12 days things shift so dramatically you will not believe it is possible in such a short time.  Plus, you'll get coaching from me, your questions answered by trained mentors daily in the Game, and support from other participants getting WOW results like you.
Who is Zen Cryar DeBrücke?
I’m a leading intuitive business and personal coach, stress transformation expert, founder of the podcast Zen in a Moment, and author of the Amazon best-selling book Your Inner GPS: Follow Your Internal Guidance to Optimal Health, Happiness, and Satisfaction. My work history includes being CEO of one of the first ever Internet start-ups serving Fortune 500 clients. I live with my husband and son in California.
What People Are Saying About
How The Re-Creating You Game Helped Them...
Cleared my anxiety - Jordan
Best friend noticed a difference - Sue
Family noticed the difference - Karin
"I learned more in those 12 days than I have in my entire lifetime through other means of books, counseling, courses, etc., trying to "figure life out" and get where I need and want to be.
My boyfriend keeps telling everyone to play ‘The Re-Creating You Game’ after seeing how much it has helped me learn to manage and eliminate some pretty severe anxiety I was dealing with.
~ Jordan Banks
"I would encourage anyone to play the Re-Creating You Game who wants to learn how to reliably quiet the internal noise and be able to hear and respond to the deeper life-affirming call of their life.

I’m still learning, but I can feel how life-changing this ‘game’ is!! So much, that I’m doing it again!!! "
~ Hanna Weare
“Zen Cryar-DeBrucke, thank you so very much for this Game!! Since you helped me with the feeling of “I should be working harder”, I’ve definitely relaxed. Since I’ve stopped stressing about it, it’s sure feeling better. No doubt, it’s making huge differences in my life!
~ Myran Moore

I had a total mind shift during The Re-Creating You Game. I was always caught up in thinking “I don’t think I should not be in this job. I should be doing other things. Through the Game, I realized that I’m very valuable in my job, and I actually like my job. Now I’m on a path of peace. I’m more calm, and I’m now equipped with the tools to make confident decisions.
~Sue Green
"I think this Game is amazing for those who really want to trust themselves, that want to trust their instincts. I got to learn more about who I am. I was able to put aside some frustrations in my heart. I am still working through the amazing course I won playing the game. 
I can tell you with complete confidence- that even if you cant “feel” it ... things are moving and changing behind the scenes. 
There are little cracks happening... I was told sometimes there is a block in place on purpose ... we don’t want everything pouring out all at once breaking apart our carefully built system. Everything takes time... now I know that when my time is right... I will be open to feel the full experience. Just writing that - I know it’s true. 
I absolutely adored Zen and the time she poured into us and into me. This system will always be a part of my life." 
~ Melissa Boschman
“How awesome to hear the guidance from you, which very much resonates with me. Thank you again for the important information you are getting out there and the way you explain the Internal Guidance System in terms of openings and closings. The information is beyond helpful!
~Alyson Muse 
"I get things in a different way. New things are happening in my life, so it's a new perspective. I have different situations where I think, 'Oh this principle would work over here…’ ‘This way of thinking would actually be helpful...' I would recommend [this work] to everyone and anyone... It's just a really loving and peaceful way to be and to exist, and who wouldn't want more of that?"
~ Laurie W.
"I have never found anything as life-changing and immediate as this!!! It is hard to express in words how your techniques have transformed my life. What I want to say is: 1. Your techniques are perfect... simple, straightforward, the "how to" of this entire process; 2. They work! and 3. Your giftedness in presenting the techniques in an accessible, organized and enjoyable way is astounding!"
~Elizabeth Crews
"Studying the Internal Guidance System has restored my sense of faith and trust in my own ability to "sense" what is truly moving me in the direction of more joy and love. In the past, sometimes my mind could get in the way or I wouldn't ‘listen’ to where I was being directed next. I am learning to trust more and more in my own ‘inner guru,’ using my IGS to guide me in the direction of my dreams."
~Carol Davis
"My stress levels have gone down by 80%, and the remaining 20% when it happens, I have a strategy that releases in within minutes. I never knew I could end the struggle of anxiety and worry. Wow."
~Lisa Graham
""I am in awe of how relaxed I am feeling these days... Instant relief! Thank you, Zen Cryar-DeBrucke!"
~ Dianne McCleery
Why I created this game for you
I have learned that the sensations in our body, throat tightening, anxiety in our chest, sense of doom or churning in our solar plexus is guidance, that we are moving off track, off our purpose. The angst most of us feel daily is caused by our bodies reacting to the thoughts we’re thinking. That we have a powerful guidance system that we know very little about. You can master it and transform your life with such speed and grace that it really seems like a miracle.

You’re probably wondering how it's possible that your thoughts are so out of sync with reality. It’s because so much of what we think was programmed into us as we were growing up. Have you ever known someone who thought they were not smart, or coordinated, or pretty – because that’s what their family thought of them, when it wasn’t true at all? That’s the programming I’m talking about. We take it in as an infant and small child, and we just assume it’s all true. But when we have thoughts that are not true, our bodies tell us – through what I’ve come to call the Internal Guidance System (IGS).

I have taught thousands of people to use their IGS to get into the flow of who they’re really meant to be – calm, cool and confident every day, no matter how busy life gets. Learn this new way of thinking about your life that erases stress, anxiety, overwhelm and frustration, letting you easily replace them with confidence, ease, more time and yes, even happiness. This is a powerful secret that must be understood. It is life changing and some people have it figured out without realizing it and are creating extraordinary things in life. You have this same system and it is time for you to learn how to access it so you can create your tremendous life too!
Nothing to lose – everything to win
Imagine always being positive and knowing just how to accomplish your dreams. Imagine using your body to tap into a divine timing that the most successful people in the world are tapping into. Imagine also always being patient with your kids and playful with your spouse, and getting raving reviews in your career because you are just so easy going while being super effective. Imagine no longer waking up at 3 am, your mind churning with all the things that could go wrong, or that are going wrong, or ticking through that huge to-do list. Imagine realizing that this sick feeling in your stomach and tight, fluttery feeling in your chest no longer happen because you are on track and never get off track again.

Now you wake up refreshed, motivated, excited about your day, knowing that you will enjoy every bit of it regardless of the challenges that happen because your are divinely guided. Is this prize worth having from simply playing a game?
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